Life Groups

We believe that God’s design for us is to live in caring committed relationships. For that reason, DOVE E isn’t just a Sunday morning gathering. We also meet in life groups during the week where we share our lives, pray and study the Word, and help each other to practically live out our faith. Each of these life groups has a different flavor, and all of them gladly welcome newcomers.


Bainbridge – Harry & Annie Strickler – (717-367-7684)

Harry and Annie

Harrisburg – Jim & Lynda Shrum – (717-214-4560)

Missional – Mike & Jeannie Mears – (717-585-4716)

Mt. Joy Township – Jim & Janet Kreider – (717-653-4215)

Out There – Tim & Carol Kopp – (717-265-5509)

Oak Drive – John (439-0787) and Kerri (725-7556) Stein