What to Expect

We know it can be challenging to visit a new church. You aren’t sure what to expect. Will I feel welcome? Are the people friendly? What style of worship do they have? What should I wear? Will they ask me for money? What do they offer for my kids? We hope to answer some of those questions and better prepare you for what to expect on a Sunday morning visit with us.

Our fellowship meets at 10:00 a.m. in the GEARS center building. When you arrive at the parking lot, you may be greeted by the intoxicating aroma of chocolate from the nearby Mars factory (depending on the weather that day). Our meeting takes place in a bright, spacious gymnasium where the atmosphere is casual, warm and inviting. Please dress in a way that is comfortable for you – you will find a variety of styles here! Because we truly value multi-generational worship, our kids (and we have lots of them at DOVE E) are present with us for the first part of the service which includes a contemporary worship time led by a band. We enjoy incorporating the arts into our worship which sometimes includes the use of flags and interpretative dance.

Following the worship time, there will be announcements of church events and perhaps a personal testimony of an experience of seeing God at work in daily life. An offering will be taken but this is for those who call DOVE-E their home church; there is no pressure for you to give. Kids (nursery age through 6th grade) are then invited to their classes where they will engage in Bible teaching, crafts, and small group interaction. The teen-agers and adults enjoy a brief informal fellowship time with coffee and donuts before gathering again for our pastor’s message which includes Biblical based teaching relevant to our everyday lives. Although the service is over by 12 noon, many enjoy hanging around afterwards and sometimes the most meaningful connections and prayer happen during these times.

We recognize that we are just one of many churches here in Elizabethtown and while we would love to have you join us, our greatest desire is that you find a church home that is the “right one” for you in this season of your life. So feel free to come and visit – we’d love to meet you!

Because we are a church that places high value on small groups, we consider our weekly life group meetings to be as important as our corporate Sunday morning celebration. Therefore we encourage all of our members to find a life group and become an active part of that.